You Are Always Accountable – Daisy Taylor


When Pierce (Pierce Paris) married Daisy’s mom, he knew that she will be a problem. It’s not that Pierce doesn’t like teenagers, it’s that Daisy (Daisy Taylor) is uncommonly beautiful. When Daisy starts to flirt with him, he knows that his life will be difficult. Pierce is like any man, put a beautiful and charming young woman in front him, and at some point, he’d crack. One night, Daisy pushes the seduction to the next level, she uses the fact that her mom is out for the evening to come in Pierce’s room and ask him for help. Pierce tries to play the nice stepdad, and ignores the signals that she sends him, so she leaves the room. Alone on his bed with his dick pressing against his pants, Pierce had no other option, he needs to let the steam go. He pulls out his dick and starts masturbating, but Daisy was not done with him. She comes back into the room and catches him. Pierce tries to hide from her, but it’s too late. She knows that she’s responsible. Daisy is a good girl who listens to her mom, and one thing her mom always tells her – you are always accountable…

Actors: Daisy Taylor