Sauna Spy – Daisy Taylor


Daisy Taylor, a sizzling spa-goer who loves the heat of a nice hot sauna. Her masseur Daniel Hausser spies on Daisy as she strips down and oils herself up, peeping on her from behind some conveniently placed plants as she rubs her perfect body. Daniel can’t help himself and follows her as she moves into the steam room, watching from between the wood planks as she starts stroking herself. Daniel sees an opportunity for a spark between them, sliding his hard cock through a conveniently placed hole for Daisy to admire. Daisy stroked Daniel then invites him into the steam room with her for some hot and heavy mutual masturbation. Daisy proves her mouth is just as big as her eyes, taking Daniel’s cock down her throat for a long, deep blowjob. Daniel returns the favor, working Daisy into a frenzy before spreading her legs and giving her a rock hard pounding that leaves her gasping with pleasure. Daisy rides Daniel’s cock all over the steam room until they’re both ready to blast their loads in a sexy and intense fuck fest.

Actors: Daisy Taylor