Family Transformation 3 Scene 4 – Angelina Please


Pierce Paris is very excited that his step father is coming to visit him. It’s been a while since he saw him but he has always looked up to Colby Jansen as a stepdad. After all it was Colby who introduced Pierce to the joy of trans women back when he turned 18. Pierce went on to get another step father when his mom married again and this time she had a trans daughter. Well guess who Pierce ended up marrying ? His trans stepsister. Her fantasy always has been to have two men do her so it’s only appropriate that Pierce fucks her with his former stepfather.. Angelina Please comes out of the bathroom in lingerie and ready to fuck as the two men take turns fucking her sweet little butt hole and her willing mouth. Cum is soon flying everywhere as they cover her in jizz.

Actors: Angelina Please