How To Get Ahead – Korra Del Rio


SCENE OPENS on the entrance of a modern ad agency. Rachel (Korra Del Rio), a glamorous and affluent woman, dangles a boutique bag on her arm as she approaches the door. She loves seeing her husband’s DD initials on the sign and runs her fingers along the etching with great satisfaction. She confidently enters the building. Inside the lobby, Rachel greets the receptionist, telling her that she wanted to come and surprise her husband for lunch. The receptionist politely informs Rachel that Dwight is on a conference call. He shouldn’t be more than a few minutes. Rachel decides to wait in the lobby. A few moments later, a low-level account manager, Connor (Pierce Paris), walks in from his lunch break and begins to talk to the receptionist. Noticing Rachel sitting there, he studies her legs, fingers, cleavage, and lips, fixating on her. He becomes so distracted that he barely hears the receptionist talking to him…

Actors: Korra Del Rio