Trans Ference 2 Scene 1 – Brittney Kade

It’s funny how something that affected you in the past can drive your present sense of being. Dr. Brittney Kade finds herself with a patient (Michael DelRay) who has lusted over a woman that drove him to soccer practice in his youth. A hot blonde woman. But for a young man so very untouchable. If Michael is to breakthrough Dr Kade must show him now all blonde big titted woman that look as hot as her are unapproachable. In fact, to break the stereotype of his goddess she exposes her lovely sac of testes and her beautiful she cock to the young man. This is what he needed as he finds something so much better than a fantasy piece of ass. This wonderful trans healer has it all. Sucking and playing with her low hanging fruit he is truly experiencing the greatest day of his life. Sliding his big boy cock against her pretty stick he soon finds himself balls deep inside of his therapists’ tight little love hole. It’s a journey well worth taking as the lucky young man pounds sexy Brittany all over her desk. These are the type of afternoons one will remember for the rest of their life.