Bridal Exposure – Izzy Wilde, Lauren Phillips & Whitney Wright


Izzy Wilde and Lauren Phillips are busy setting up a bridal games booth at a wedding expo. But as Izzy scrambles to put various sex toys on display, Lauren is not impressed with how slow she is. Once Lauren excuses herself for a meeting, Izzy dutifully finishes setting up, though becomes distracted as she spies Whitney Wright, an expo attendee, browsing through sexy wedding night lingerie nearby. When their eyes meet, Whitney makes her way over to Izzy’s booth to check out the toys… AND Izzy! Izzy becomes flustered as Whitney asks more questions about the products, soon asking for a… demonstration. Izzy swallows hard and tries to talk more about the toys but Whitney clarifies that she wants MORE than that… Sparks fly as Whitney soon gets onto her hands and knees for some under-the-table fun. Izzy is so into that she doesn’t notice Lauren returning and there’s nothing she can do once Lauren catches them in the act. But to their surprise and delight, Lauren declares that she wants in so that she can give them both a REAL demonstration.