Trans Swingers 2 – Gracie Jane


Cliff Jensen and Ariel Demure have just gotten back from a fabulous vacation and are hosting a dinner with their friends, Gracie Jane and Steve Rickz, to catch up. Ariel and Cliff aren’t shy about sharing all the naughty details of their erotic trip, which resulted in the couple becoming a lot more sexually open. Of course, this intrigues Gracie and Steve, though they feel they’re not quite as adventurous.

That’s when Ariel and Cliff suggest swapping partners right then and there to broaden their horizons! That way Gracie and Steve can have an erotic adventure of their own without having to go too far out of their comfort zone. Although Gracie and Steve are stunned, they can’t pass up such a golden opportunity… and that’s when Cliff invites Gracie to follow him to another room to have her mind blown.

Actors: Gracie Jane