Call of Booty: Free For All – Aiden Ashley, Bella Blu & Gracie Jane


Gracie Jane wants to get the attention of her roommates, Bella Blu and Aiden Ashley, but they’re too absorbed in the video game they’re playing. Getting a mischievous idea, Gracie decides to test out just how strong their concentration on the game really is. She tries to give Bella a sexy distraction, but it doesn’t work, so she resorts to an even sexier distraction by taking out her cock. It turns out that Bella is good at multitasking, because she sucks on Gracie’s cock while continuing to play the game! Aiden then turns around and sees what’s going on. Not wanting to be left out, Aiden bends over to invite Gracie’s cock inside her. The fun quickly turns into a playful threesome, so it looks like Gracie did a good job of getting everyone’s attention!