Transsexual Mashup 4 Scene 1 – Lena Moon & Skylar Snow


Skylar Snow finally thinks she has landed the perfect man. Sure she has just gone on one date so far with him but his is considerate, rich and caring. Lena Moon is her trans roommate and encourages her she might want to marry this guy. Well let’s just say the second date does not go so well as Skylar spends the night in jail. The next morning when she tells Lena about the gangster her man turned out to be and the wild dangerous night she has she notices Lena has a rock hard cock. Lena obviously is getting excited about the story she has told and in fact Skylar’s pussy is wet too. Seems like the perfect place to put Lena’s pretty lady stick. Soon Lena is eating Skylar’s pussy and asshole and fucking her all over the bed.