Transsexual Mashup 4 Scene 4 – Spencer Bradley & Jade Venus


Spencer Bradley has always wanted to make it with a trans woman and finally builds up the courage to go for it via a dating site. Jade Venus has only had sex once with a cis female so this is kind of a new thing for both girls. The date went well and now Spencer finds herself back at Jade’s place. When Jade comes back into the room wearing the sexiest lingerie and a stiff cock bulging out she is mesmerized. This is all she ever wanted in life. Immediately the two girls are all over each other and Spencer is slurping down Jade’s gorgeous lady stick to the balls. Spencer’s pussy is the perfect desert for Jade as she greedily slurps and licks it wet for her to start putting her hard dick into. Spencer comes over and over gazing into the eyes of the beautiful woman fucking her so well and eventually gets a huge facial of lady juice from Jade. What a date. It’s everything Spencer imagined and more.