Vanniall & Ashley Lake – Transfixed


Being trans is not simple and no two trans people experience it the exact same way. But the one thing that all transgender people have in common is that, no matter where they are in life, they’re trans 24/7.

Adult Time’s newest documentary series explores the unique and personal experiences of what it means to be a trans person in today’s society. In each enlightening and insightful episode, a trans person opens up to offer an intimate look into what it truly means to be transgender.

Vanniall is an engaging trans woman, with a love of horror manga, who describes herself as being witty but relatively mellow. But above all else, she is confident and self-assured. She is who she is, likes what she likes, and NO ONE can ever take that away from her.

Growing up, she didn’t have a mentor, someone who could help her figure out the ins and outs of being trans. She knew that she was different, othered, but had no clue how to deal with it. Throughout it all, Vanniall just wished she had SOMEONE who knew what being trans was like and could help her through it.

Even now, that feeling of being an outsider, even within the community, is still something Vanniall struggles with. Being trans is such a unique experience and it’s hard connecting with people. It’s not just about connecting with real people but fictional characters as well. In fact, she has a pipedream that one day there will be trans characters, even Black trans characters, in mainstream cartoons. Then the younger audience watching will have someone to look up to like she wishes she had as a youth.

But now, after years of wondering if she’d ever connect with anyone, she finally found Ashley Lake. It’s time to have a little fun and show the world that NOTHING will keep her down.