Hospital Drama – Cherry Mavrik, Ivory Mayhem, Jade Venus, Jean Hollywood, Jenna Creed, Khloe Kay & Melanie Brooks


In the lobby of a medical center specializing in trans health care, various patients are waiting to see nurses/doctors. However, Jade Venus is waiting to specifically see nurse Khloe Kay, who soon comes into the waiting room. Jade catches her attention before anyone else does and Khloe looks surprised and a bit unhappy to see her, rushing her by the hand to take her aside into a private room. Once alone, it’s revealed that Jade is in a relationship with Khloe. Jade wants to have a discussion about their future, but Khloe is a bit cagey as she dodges questions. Eventually, Jade seems determined to get a commitment from her, so Khloe changes the subject by distracting Jade with spontaneous sex. They kiss, and enjoy each other’s breasts and pretty cocks. Midway through the sex, the door swings open as Cherry Mavrik enters and is shocked and upset to catch them having sex. She declares that she KNEW it was suspicious that they snuck off to a private room and were gone for too long. Jade and Khloe are both startled, though Khloe looks guilty. Tempers flare as Cherry reveals that she’s ALSO in a relationship with Khloe, and thought they had something special. Hearing the commotion, a bunch of other people from the waiting room (Jenna Creed, Melanie Brooks, Ivory Mayhem, and Jean Hollywood) appear and say the same thing. Jade is shocked, and Khloe looks sheepish and guilty. All of Khloe’s lovers agree that they should gangbang Khloe and teach her a lesson about taking on more than she can handle. Khloe, flashing a guilty smile that shows she hasn’t learned her lesson at all, eagerly consents to her sexy ‘punishment’!