Getting To Know You Again – Ana Foxxx & Janelle Fennec


Monique (Janelle Fennec) approaches the front door of a home, looking nervous as she summons up the courage to knock. Once she does, she’s greeted by Carrie (Ana Foxxx), who is friendly as she says that Monique seems familiar to her, though she can’t quite place why. When Monique reveals that she used to be someone named Devon, it looks like Carrie’s whole world comes crashing down. It’s soon revealed that they were once both engaged, back before Monique came out as a trans woman. Unfortunately, Monique broke everything off and left to find her true self without ever actually coming out to Carrie. Monique has since come to realize that she could have handled things better but that she can’t change the past. Carrie is hurt by the reveal and lashes out at Monique for not telling her the truth back then. All these years, she thought the reason Monique left was because of something SHE did. But as Monique tries to comfort her, Carrie is done and orders Monique to leave. Monique does so, but not without leaving her number behind in case Carrie ever wants to talk. Monique is a different person now, and she’s sure that Carrie is too, and she hopes that they can get to know each other all over again someday. Once Monique leaves, Carrie stares pensively at the written number… After some time has passed, Monique finally contacts Carrie, tentatively wanting to talk things out more and maybe even try to become friends. Although things are awkward at first as they meet up time after time again, they gradually become closer and closer as they get to know each other again. Their laughter becomes more genuine and their casual touches are fleeting… but as they spend more time together, there are growing hints of budding romantic attraction as well. While they both feel the sparks, can they get over the trauma of their past in order to pave the way to a brighter future?