Morning Routine – Khloe Kay, Siri Dahl & Summer Hart


It’s morning at Khloe Kay and Siri Dahl’s house, which means it’s time for Khloe’s FAVORITE morning routine: sneaking behind Siri’s back for some naughty fun! Things have certainly lined up in Khloe’s favor this morning- Siri’s lying in bed with an eye mask on, so as long as Khloe’s quiet, Siri won’t be able to see ANYTHING. Khloe sneaks out of bed and scurries over to the bedroom closet. She opens the door to reveal Summer Hart, who’s been hiding there the whole time. Summer gets right down to business and starts rubbing her finger along Khloe’s asshole. But before they can have TOO much fun, Siri lifts her eye mask and almost catches them. Luckily for Khloe, Summer hides back in the closet just before being seen. Phew! Close one. Khloe and Summer sneak into the shower and start rubbing their soapy breasts together. Khloe then starts fucking Summer in doggystyle as Summer’s breasts press against the glass of the shower. But just then, Siri decides to enter the bathroom and catches them in the act! Oopsie! Siri’s not mad, however… turns out SHE wants to join in for some fun as well!