The Physical: Final Exam – Dee Williams, Khloe Kay, Jean Hollywood & TS Foxxy


In this sequel to The Physical and The Physical Returns, we open with Nurse Jean Hollywood proudly receiving their nurse cap. Dr. Dee Williams and Nurse Khloe Kay congratulate Nurse Hollywood on joining their practice. Nurse Hollywood sighs with relief and remarks that it sure wasn’t easy — the three of them had to pull out ALL the stops to make it happen! They laugh and start to retell the eventful story among themselves… In a flashback, we see Nurse Hollywood looking nervous. Dr. Williams and Nurse Kay are standing quietly in the background for moral support, though they look a little nervous themselves. A beautiful but stern woman, Dr. TS Foxxy, enters the room and inspects the premises. Dr. Foxxy is the Attending Physician, who is there to give Nurse Hollywood a final exam to inspect if they’re ready to graduate and become a nurse.