For Better or Worse – Emma Magnolia, Emma Rose & September Reign


Emma Rose and Emma Magnolia have just gotten married! They had a lovely ceremony, and are now arriving at their home for an intimate reception with their mutual friend, September Reign. They exchange a kiss, and then Emma Magnolia bends down to peel Emma Rose’s garter from her thigh. How romantic! But as Emma Rose lifts her leg to assist Emma Magnolia with her task, September gets a vivid peek at Emma Rose’s cock dangling between her legs! As both Emmas head over to their private bedroom to consummate their marriage, September finds herself watching them go, a hint of desire in her eyes. She couldn’t POSSIBLY be thinking of following them, could she? Well… she does just that! Luckily, she finds Emma Rose alone while the other Emma is in the bathroom. Without thinking, September brings Emma Rose in for a kiss and then tosses her onto the bed, ready for more. Emma Rose loves it and gets a jolt of delight as September wraps her lips around her cock. But when Emma Magnolia walks in and catches them, things take an interesting turn as she decides to join in for a threesome! For better or for worse, these three are sure to have a REAL fun time tonight!