Slumber Party Peeking – Eliza Eves & Erica Cherry


Two friends, Eliza Eves and Erica Cherry, settle in for a slumber party in Eliza’s bedroom. Eliza suggests that they get some shuteye since they’ve got a fun outing planned bright and early the next day.

Later that night, Eliza gets up to use the washroom, while Erica is still dreaming. When Eliza returns to the bedroom, she sees that Erica has thrown off the blanket while dreaming, revealing her body. Eliza slowly looks Erica over, as if now seeing her in a different light. Eliza seems especially enamored when Erica shifts again, and her cock pokes out through her panties.

Eliza finally turns on the light, and Erica becomes alert, asking Eliza what she’s doing. Eliza admits that she thinks Erica is hot. Sparks start to fly between them, but Erica is worried about getting caught by Eliza’s parents. Eliza confidently insists that they won’t get in trouble since they’ll stay quiet. Erica pauses a moment but then agrees, clearly wanting it herself. They kiss, which leads to steamy touching and more.